First thing you must do: Join the National Speakers Association! (or at least attend a meeting)



So honored you would join us here at JHE Training.  I hope you not only enjoy the courses but are also truly transformed by them.

There are numerous other resources I want to refer you to outside of this web site, that I have either invested in myself, or know for a surety you will benefit from, that are not affiliates of mine, but rather peers, organizations, and people I admire.

In other words, if you have invested in JHE Training or not, and are looking for other specific services, I hope you’ll consider the following with my personal recommendation:


National Speakers Association

The NSA is the place to begin and remain for as long as you have a career in either speaking, performing, coaching, training, really anything that has to do with the business of stage and associating with people in the same industry in the spotlight.  I joined in 2003.  It changed my life.  You probably have a local chapter near you.  Get involved, serve, learn, be friendly, welcome everyone and be engaging. As soon as you can, join and become a member nationally.  Come to the national convention called Influence, every summer on either coast.  This organization changed my life, upped my game, and it will yours as well.


Speech Coaching:

Lou Heckler

Lou has helped me as a Speaker more than any other, and has won every award in the industry.  I prefer the 2-day in his home option, where we talk philosophy of speaking, how to tweak the already good stories I have to be great, and making a memorable speech.  He has coached the most award-winning speakers on earth and they all sing his praises.  Want to make the audience laugh?  Cry?  Learn and be entertained?  Lou is the man to help you.


Patricia Fripp

Patricia has been one of the top speaker coaches the world over for decades and is better than ever.  Her fine tuned style, perfectly polished phrasing and vocabulary, will take you to new levels of perception, respect, and fluency.  She has won all awards as a Speaker herself, teaches the top executives and speakers all over the world, and will win your heart with her expertise.


Mark Sanborn

Mark is an award winning speaker and author, hall of fame member, very high-end speaking coach, who will help you with very detailed, tactical, and business terminology additions to your message.  Few can teach speaking like this amazing man and former President of the NSA.  I took my message to him in 2016 and it transformed the way I use words on a business level to connect and impact the audience.


Kelly Swanson

Kelly is the Go-To for Storytelling and Crafting.  Need a character?  Performance enhancement?  Wordsmith?  Kelly has taken more dull stories and turned them into hilarious, colorful, poetic masterpieces than any storytelling teacher in the industry.  Award-winning speaker and brilliant.


Ty Bennett

Ty is one of my best friends, and we communicate constantly.  Recently I ran past him a few challenges I’ve had with some of my pieces in speaking.  He proceeded to give me some of the best counsel in my speaking life.  This award winning speaker and self-made millionaire by his early 20’s is one of the most influential teachers of storytelling, speech crafting, and leadership in the world.  Hire him to help create your speech, or refine it, or just try to figure out how he does so much so well.


Humor Speech Writing: 

David Glickman

It’s been said that you don’t have to be a speaker who is funny…unless you want to make money.  One of the biggest challenges we all face is adding humor that is appropriate, timely, and has layers like an onion, causing audiences to cry with laughter.  David is a genius, hall of fame member, with a sweet tooth for humor and one-liners that land – and kill – over and over.


Keynote Speaking Kamp: 

Keynote Kamp with Mark Scharenbroich & Eric Chester

This is where all of the top speakers go to fine-tune their best material, to learn from hall of fame speakers who are considered among the elite in the industry, and attendees soon realize they are surrounded in the room by the top speakers looking to improve.  As much about networking and relationships as creating a masterful speech, Keynote Kamp has proven time and again to be the place when speakers want to go from Good to Great in one weekend.


Marketing & Sales: 

David Avrin

I attended this training in 2016 and it opened my eyes to the opportunities available that I didn’t realize are there.   David is an award winning speaker and big time marketing guru.  He shows that with a little hustle, organization, and looking in the right places is what this training unfolds.  So valuable to getting you the events you want.


Social Media with Phil Gerbyshak

Phil is the man you see in the Bonus Course on this web site teaching us how to get more work through social media, utilizing specifics most never think of, and is considered among the top in the speaking and marketing world for his amazing work.  An IT background mixed with the ability to be entertaining as an award winning speaker himself, Phil will make you laugh and inspire you to commit to a social media networking presence like no other.


Book More Business with Lois Creamer

Lois has crafted a most magnificent program for any speaker at any level, whether starting out, or already successful, to ramp up all aspects of getting more work.  Her methods are proven, she is a fabulous speaker in her own right, and you will see immediate results with her concepts.


Deep Dive into Speaking: 

Laurie Guest

There are few speakers who have spent more time training and speaking to chapters of speakers and been asked to teach how she’s done it than Laurie.  So many asked for her help, in fact, that she put together a FREE PDF you can download and check out, visit her site and get it, and potentially set up a time to talk with this award winning genius of the industry.


Life & Business Coaching:

Dave Crenshaw

I hired Dave years ago.  Changed not only my small business (his focus is small business entrepreneurs) but also my life.  Somehow he helped me add time to my crazy schedule.  I’m forever grateful and forever an advocate of his masterful genius.  Best selling author and worldwide heralded coach, trainer, speaker.


I hope you’ll consider these amazing resources as I have.


Jason Hewlett, CSP, CPAE

Certified Speaking Professional

Speaker Hall of Fame

Award-Winning Entertainer

JHE Training

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