Are you as excited for a Happy New Year 2017 as I am?

I have a confession to make:

2016 was a tough one in many ways and I can’t wait for the turn of a new year.

In reality nothing changes once the annual numbers do, but I like to see it as a fresh start and make deliberate life choices that affect everything.

The question is: What are we going to do about changing our own reality?

Over the past 10 years I have had hundreds of motivated, inspired, excited people approach me with the flattering request to “take me to lunch” or “have a quick phone call” to pick my brain and learn my secrets as to how I have succeeded in the business as a Performer and Speaker.

I used to be able to meet the demand.

In fact, I used to invite them into my home for “Mentor Mondays” and we would talk for an hour, or more, and really explore what they needed to know.

I would do Mentor Monday quarterly. And then monthly. And then weekly.

So many friends, peers, and professionals asking for help.

And then Mondays weren’t enough.

It became phone calls late into the night as I paced in my driveway waiting to enter my home so I wouldn’t wake my family.

I felt it my duty to help anyone who asked since so few successful speakers and performers would ever help me when I began, and I wanted to be available, serve everyone, and be helpful.

Eventually I realized I was telling these good intentioned people the same thing over and over, principles that apply to all business owners, and very few of them would do anything as a result of our meeting and my donated time to their hopes.

Why weren’t they accelerating their opportunities?

I had spent hundreds of hours investing in these hopefuls!

I had a couple of performing friends who had invested money, time, and many hours in my office that were raising their fees exponentially due to what I was teaching.

For example, one band that had been charging $500-750 per wedding was now landing between $5,000-7,500 per show due to our rebranding efforts, shifting their marketing strategy, understanding their audience, changing their message, and realizing the importance of follow up with clients.

This was over about a 4 year period. They are now commanding $10k per gig!

Same thing was happening with the Speakers I had suggested tweaking a few things with their message, web site, social media, brand, knowing their direction.

They had gone from making no money to making a living at it!

But they had always given me a check as a Thank You for my time. And off they went to make it happen!

I figured success should be the answer for all that came through my door for a session of free mentoring, since it was all the same teachings anyway, the way I had learned how to create a multi-million dollar business in the show business world.

The problem was very simple:

No Investment.

Lack of investing in themselves.

Those that were seeking advice and a hand-out were literally unwilling to put their money where their mouth was.

Had I charged for our meetings they wouldn’t have shown up.

They were seeking some get-rich-quick answer, and there just isn’t one.

This is a business.

Show business is a business and one of the toughest ones on the planet.

But there are no businesses cooler or more worth the pain, agony, and triumphs than show business, I believe that from the bottom of my heart.

So I timidly put together a LIVE Training for January 2016, offered it at an incredibly low rate, since I didn’t think anyone would even spend the money to be there, and within 48 hours it was SOLD-OUT!

I was shocked. There were that many people interested in learning my secrets, techniques, and principles of how I’ve run my business.

The LIVE Training was a huge success. Some of my trainees have transformed their careers and lives. Some decided then and there this isn’t the business for them, and that was what they needed to be sure.

Fact is – The Training worked!

We put together another one and as we began to promote it, realized this should be available to EVERYONE.


Not just people who would fly to Utah and hang out with me for a few days.

What if people could have the BEST of the BEST from the Training in their own home, at their own pace, with a workbook, videos, ideas and concepts to really charge up the engine of their dreams?

And so that is why I’m writing you.

This is your End of the Year call to action.

Whether you have been dreaming of starting a career as a performer, speaker, or any business, the principles are all the same, and they are here for the taking.

Whether you have been in the trenches of your career, from Entertaining, to Speaking, Coaching, Training, these teachings have even helped Actors, Realtors, Engineers, Authors, Models, Educators, Non-Profit Executives, Direct Sales business owners, you name it – this can transform your business!

But it is primarily for those looking to Make a Career From the Stage.

And I hope that is you.

The Training is $197.

That is $197 of your hard earned money investing in your dream.

And no one understands that more than me.

That is why we have spent tens of thousands of dollars putting this program together, over 18 months of research, planning, and my own decade-worth of teaching it in my home, one by one, to those that aspired to reaching new levels.

But like I say, the ONLY people who have made the jump from thinking about it, picking my brain, to actually MAKING MONEY and having a career, are those that INVEST IN THEMSELVES.

It’s a simple thing. When we spend money we expect value and we will do the work it takes to get a return on investment.

I promise you this: This Training is worth more than $10,000 to those that have taken it. Some who have been through it are bringing in 6-figure incomes from the stage.

Why couldn’t that be you?

Since it’s that time of New Years & Resolutions I wanted to also let you in on a Special secret –

For a limited time (through mid-January) we are offering the Training at a discount from $197 down to only $147.

Check It Out HERE

When one of my coaching clients saw how low the offer was he sent me this email this morning:

“Jason, I saw your training course is up now! Super excited for you. Though in my opinion, it is WAY underpriced at $197…I think each SECTION is worth well over $197 (building your message, how to get gigs, etc.). That training has set me on a course for success I couldn’t have imagined….super excited that you have that up and running now.”

I hope you will join me and begin to invest in yourself with my proven methods, teachings, and create the career you have always talked about.

This is the time. You’re in the right place. Let’s do this together. I can help.


Your Friend ~

jason hewlett


How to Make a Career From the Stage – SPECIAL Pricing $147

Invest in yourself now by clicking HERE


Jason Hewlett, CSP, CPAE

Certified Speaking Professional

Speaker Hall of Fame

Award-Winning Entertainer

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