Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Is this a LIVE Training I can attend?

A: No. This is an Online Training you can do at your own pace, leisure, and when you have time. Currently there are NO LIVE TRAININGS being offered by JHE Training.

Q: Is the “How To Make a Career From Stage” going to help me with Stage Craft & Presence, Being a Performer, etc?

A: No. Stage Craft & Presence will be coming soon, but the Career Course is just that: How to make your career happen. You will learn the many beginning questions speakers, performers, and even most entrepreneurs have, and how to leapfrog to new levels quickly.

Q: Is this just a course on how to be funny, because it’s taught by Jason?

A: People are surprised to see that Jason actually has a very serious side when it comes to business and life. He makes his living making people laugh, but he can do that because of how serious he has built and maintains his business. Yes, you will laugh with the training, but it is not a show, it is content, education, and deep dive learning.

Q: How many hours worth of video and training is in the Career Course?

A: The Course is 1 Hour of Video, plus a 30+ page downloadable workbook. The Bonus Course, which is only available after purchasing the Career Course, is approximately 2 Hours of Video, plus a 20+ page downloadable workbook. The estimated time this course should take is around 5-10 Hours to complete, depending on how deep you wish to dive.

Q: Are there any Specials to get it at a Discount?

A: We will run occasional specials, including the initial launch from Dec. 29, 2016-Jan. 15, 2017 at 25% OFF. Other specials will be announced via Jason’s Newsletter, if interested please sign up at

Q: Is Jason retiring from LIVE Performance to focus solely on Trainings now?

A: No. Jason is adding the Training aspect to his career due to the amount of people requesting his time, coaching, and mentoring. He is approached so often he created this by way of demand for this material. All compensation derived from this goes back into making new programs to serve the demand.

Q: How do I access my courses once I buy them?

A: You can access your courses by clicking on Log In in the menu, and login with the email and password you set up on purchase. Once logged in  you can click on My Account to view your courses as well as your certificates and to update your profile.

Q: How do I access Stage Craft & Presence once I purchase it?

A: You can pre-purchase Stage Craft & Presence now at a discount, but the class will not be available until Fall of 2018. At that time the special early bird price will no longer work. We will email when the course is available.