Humbling might be an understatement of recent:

  • On Sunday with The Promise blog you’ll receive in your inbox the story about my run-in with a guy who crashed his car in front of our house, whom I tussled with before he was hauled off to jail for being high on two illegal drugs…
  • In the last 48 hours I’ve wrestled mightily with mother nature and the snow looking to derail my workweek and family plans.
  • I received notice of multiple events I’ve been working on for months that have decided to go a different direction.
  • The scale says the same thing as it did since I began working out daily without fail and eating clean since August with a nutritionist and fitness coach.
  • My web site and a few other changes in business needing to be made are taking much longer than expected.


I believe the beauty of being in business for ourselves is the fact that we eat a whole bunch of Humble Pie. 


As in the Village Inn’s Daily Special Pie in my life seems to be Humble Pie.

All I have to do is open the comments on my latest video and I’m eating some Humble Pie.


Conversely, each of the complaints I’ve shared above can also be blessings in disguise that keep me going:

  • While drug guy was busted by my home, and I feel bad for the life he’s chosen, I also got a new story out of it and it really killed when speaking for a group of youth the other day.
  • The snow removal challenge has made me physically stronger, and equally my work in the office much more focused when I actually do get back inside to work.
  • As I’ve been told I’m not the speaker for some events, I’ve also received multiple calls from even bigger companies that want me to come in and train their top executives how to speak, be great on stage, and feel I’m someone they’d like to partner with after following my career for years.  That’s cool!
  • Although the weight/fat scale has stayed the same and I’m doing all I can to see a change where it matters, I’ve been told I look more fit, stronger, trimmer, fitting my clothes better – so the benefits must be working.
  • The web site, branding, logos, new wording, updated descriptions, new systems, all that we are doing to streamline my business are going just the right speed in order for us to keep up and make changes necessary without going too fast.


In other words, Humble Pie is a good thing.

And every negative yes, can be seen as a positive, but also, every humble pie moment can be seen as The Right Time for where we find ourselves in our journey to succeed.


For you that read all the way to the end, I Thank You.

I have a quick and simple challenge for you:

Text me with your latest Humble Pie and how you are able to see it as also a blessing & opportunity.




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