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What is the trick to going Viral?

I have friends who have done so multiple times, including Stuart Edge, Stephen Jones, Steve Soelberg and more.

Having made videos for years and years,  on YouTube, Facebook and the like, that have found very little success overall, I’m finding that partnering with a channel that has already perfected the model gives you a way better chance to make it happen than simply launching things on your own.


A week ago I posted the following on my Facebook profile, and thought in case you missed it that you may find it interesting as well –

Thank you to all that shared my latest Dry Bar Comedy video posted on Sunday, January 20th on Facebook.

Here’s a look at where things have landed for those of you that are interested:

Comparison-wise, the “Essential Oils” video posted in December did much better and hit 1 Million views within less than 3 days, which would be considered Facebook Viral.

Whereas the “Stairway to Heaven – Chewbacca/Led Zeppelin” mashup is just over 530,000 views after nearly 2 weeks.

The difference?

Maybe one’s better than the other?

Maybe one is more relatable?

Maybe one was edited shorter and made more sense?

I know I have many female fans on Facebook, many who are in the direct selling business, and who sell oils…so as my friend Michelle suggested perhaps that made a difference.


When it comes to my own perception of these bits I can confirm the following:

  1. The Led Zeppelin routine, as a stand-alone in my LIVE Show since 2004, would be considered by most to be a Top 5 impression and moment of all-time in my career.
  2. The Chewbacca/Justin Timberlake bit is over 10 years old, and is one of the most talked about, re-enacted by women to their husbands, and laughed over, bits following my shows of my career.
  3. The “Essential Oils” comedy routine and parody is one I just tossed in last minute on the insistence of my brother before recording the Dry Bar recording of “Father Time”, as I had written it off due to very small laughs for years at corporate events, and this version of it was maybe the 10th time I ever delivered it on a stage.  And yet on a video platform that is the one that gets all the views?  Go figure.

I don’t know the solution to this stuff but it’s been very interesting to watch how videos and posts are shared.

To date, these 2 videos together in the past month and a week account for 2 Million video views on Facebook, which is more than quadruple all of my YouTube video views of 448,207 combined.

Pretty cool.

Grateful Dry Bar Comedy would include me in their rotation, as these were filmed in April 2017.






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