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This past week I got my haircut.

My hair now officially looks incredible.

Once back in my car I noticed I had missed a text from someone I hear from perhaps every 2 years;  The President of one of the most prestigious organizations in the world.

I texted him back and said I could chat immediately.

He called right away and proceeded to offer me the biggest opportunity I’ve had since turning headlining in Las Vegas away in 2004.

We have a meeting set up to meet today and I’ll let you know how it goes, as it very well may replace my Vegas story.

The moment the offer came through the phone I knew this is something I’ve wanted my ENTIRE life.

My family would want it.

My name, recognizability, and persona would be seen in front of more people in one moment than I get cumulatively over months at a time.

And as the shiny object floated past, as my heart raced at the thought of such an offer, there was also a trade-off…well, a few of them.

I can’t explain it all here, but since I give you REALTIME updates on my career in the efforts that it will help you with yours, suffice it to say this offer has put my entire brand, philosophy, and career trajectory to the ultimate test:

Do I Keep The Promise of what I’ve been faithfully and doggedly doing, or do I chase the shiny object?

As I write this I’m very much thinking I need to turn this once-in-a-lifetime offer away.

Even when it could change my life for all the right reasons…it could also create challenges I never saw coming.

The Promise I made to myself a few years ago was to set up barriers that would keep my family protected, keep my voice from failing, change my late and sleepless entertainment career nights to early morning keynotes, and live a life that is fairly simple and private…and still have the opportunity to influence many people as I go along, doing my corporate gigs.

If I step over one of those fences on the perimeter of promise already established I very well may never make my way back.

Something to think about, when the next offer comes your way.

I’ll let you know what happens, I may or may not have a big announcement coming.  We’ll see…


~ jason


Jason Hewlett, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, is a Keynote Speaker for the largest corporate events in the world.  Click here to begin your career in speaking.


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