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I saw a provocative post the other day from my friend & Hall of Fame Speaker, Mike Rayburn.

He was asked by a room full of speakers how to get more bookings. 

His answer was very challenging and potentially eye-opening to the listeners.  He simply said,

“Want more bookings?  Look the part.  Get in shape.  On stage you represent some form of health.  Therefore you need look healthy.” (note the shredded Mike on paddleboard in the photo above – the dude lives what he preaches!)

As painful as that answer from Mike is to hear to some of us, it is very much the truth.

And although weight is literally something over 75% of Americans struggle with these days, it is easy to recognize that the fittest, best kept, svelte, and maintained physiques are the ones people want to not only watch on stage but also believe are more successful.

Writing this is tough for me personally, as I’ve fought through major weight swings through 18 years of gigging and life on the road, including being told I would be fired early in my career if I didn’t lose 10 lbs overnight when I was in a Las Vegas show.

That’s serious business.


On stage in 2016 at my lowest weight in a decade 206 lbs in custom navy blue suit


2018 weighing in at 222 in all black and jeans


Serious business is also your fitness, overall health, and the look of a speaker that is on a pedestal in front of a room full of people where an event planner has hired you to look and be the part.

What are you doing for your fitness?  

Luckily for me I have a few trainers through the years that keep me accountable, including one amazing friend who still keeps tabs on me and sends the latest trends in nutrition as we have searched for years for the best plan for my traveling life.

Currently I have found, having crossed over into the age of 40, that my intake of food needs to be much different than it was 10 years ago, as well as my work outs need to change (as in: do less crazy workouts and more of what I enjoy).

What works for me will be different for you.  But what I’m doing is working for me.

(NOTE: I just typed up all I’m doing and then re-read it and fear it sounds like I’m advocating a certain plan, so I erased it, FYI)

Questions for you are:

What is your plan?  What are you doing to improve your health?

Here are some numbers and proof:

I have correlated the amount of work I have booked, and the level of success I achieve, in direct relation to the weight I am at.

When I am in the 195-215 range I am booked solid and get plenty of spin.  

When I am 215-230 a lot less spin, video quality is compromised, and my level of impact on an audience is lessened. 

These are all very vulnerable things to write and say out loud, but it’s the truth.

Currently I am hovering around 217, and my body is finally shifting to it’s better state, and the bookings are coming back around again, after I have been 222-225 most of 2018.

I’m not in need of your health plans or diet suggestions, as I’ve found what works for me, and my body, after years of abuse due to crazy diets, is finally finding it’s recalibration.

But it takes facing the music, choosing to be focused, and doing something about it.  

I know plenty of Entertainers who have experienced the same results in regard to weight and amount of bookings.

These are hard conversations, and I’m impressed Mike would provoke an audience looking for a magic pill to get more bookings when in reality they have the answer right in front of them…in their gut.

Join me in getting in shape, or at least in having better health.  If you see me at the gym come say hi.  If you see me on a walk know that’s what my body wants that day instead of an intense workout.  If you see me at the ice cream shop know that I am willing to put myself in a state of discomfort for the next 12 hours while my body figures out what I did to it.

It’s up to us how we look, feel, and the amount of bookings on our calendar.

Find what’s right for you.


~ jason


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  1. Rob Ferre

    Having to buy new clothes because I can’t fit in them is always a catalyst for watching what I eat and hitting the gym. Get it!

    • Jason Hewlett

      I think it was Jim Gaffigan who said, “I went to the doctor and he said I’m a little on the heavy side. He asked if I stop eating when I full. I said, No, I stop eating when I hate myself.”

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