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Yesterday I woke up at 5:30 AM, worked out at the gym with friends and my wife, walked the dog, got the kids off to school, had 2 conference calls with next week’s clients, and drove to my late morning event by 11 AM.

23 miles from my house, I received 5-figures for a 50 min. speech that showcased “The Promise” in front of 300 business leaders, HR professionals, and C-Level Execs.

I received what the client deemed, “…the first standing ovation by this crowd, or at any lunch of this nature with a speaker, in the history of our event or those that I’ve attended.”


Racing home, got the car washed, chatted with two friends on the phone: one who is putting together a Woodstock-type event in Italy and needed advice as to how to book Elton John for a discount, and the other who is a comedian looking to up his off stage persona to match his on stage applause with an upgrade in wardrobe and confidence.

Got home, packed the car, changed clothes into my Boy Scout uniform, and set up tables and chairs for over 100 attendees at our Church Blue & Gold Banquet my wife and I are in charge of for Cub Scouts.

Blue & Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts


Following the dinner and handing out awards to boys, cleaning up and putting all tables and chairs back, I walked across the hall to train the Young Men Leaders of our Church from surrounding congregations how best to instruct their young men in Sunday meetings (doing this training weekly on Thursdays for 3 months).

I finally got home and changed by 9:30 PM, just in time to walk the dog until 10 awaiting his last meal to pass.

It was at this point I realized I had forgotten to eat the entire day, and saw an inbox full of emails, while also trying to comfort the children who are now feeling sick, and make sure we are ready for Mom’s birthday tomorrow.

Was this a typical day?

Not really, but for the entrepreneur with no employees it kind of is.

You see, I got a lot done without getting really anything done for my business.

Today is a frantic catch up day, just as I have blogged about in the past when dealing with snowfall and other emergencies, and the cycle continues.

Today I still took the time to take my 3rd child, 11 yrs old, to lunch and we discussed the importance of learning to be willing to work and do hard things…even when we don’t like it.


I confess: I didn’t like everything I did yesterday.

Even today, my list is full of things I don’t want to do.

But they need to be done.

And while I’m prepping, working, and pushing to get to the point I can hire someone to help take the load off, the point is that our lifestyle, those of us making a living working on our own, is a unique one.

We must deal with all that needs to be done, sacrifice money opportunities in favor of service and blessings, choose family time or work time, or try to do a little of everything.

What does this have to do with you?

Actually, a little of Everything.

What is taking up your day, your time, your thoughts and head space?

Are you making a difference in some way, or just waiting for the phone to ring?

I’m not saying it’s important to be busy, but it’s essential you have a purpose and are making a difference in what you’re spending your time on.

When you are not gigging, how are you making the best of your life?

Who are you serving?

To what organizations and causes are you contributing?

Survival and financial success is so incredibly important, but I can honestly say that regardless of the standing ovation I received yesterday, and the potential for more business it may bring, nothing matters more than the hearts that were touched on a personal level as told to me following the conference by parents who are now more committed to being present in their family life.

Nothing matters more than the boys who were served at our little scout banquet in being recognized for accomplishing hard achievements, being recognized, and realize they can do whatever they set their mind to.

Nothing matters more than leaders being taught how to better lead the youth and leaders of tomorrow.

Nothing matters more than our children realizing we are there for them 100%, despite our exhaustion.

Nothing matters more than to love the one you’re with, the support of your life, and to give your full attention and support right on back.

And by the time you lay your head on that pillow each night you can honestly say a silent prayer and know that you, the brave Speaker-Entertainerpreneur, did your all that day to make a difference both on your stage and off of it.


And that’s why you are blessed.


Cheering You On!

Your Biggest Fan


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