My reaction upon receiving John Ruhlin’s Gift box


In October I had the honor of Emcee’ing MDRT’s Top of The Table meeting in Kauai, HI.

I introduced to stage some of the best speakers in the world, really so awesome to be included.

In my prep work I read the books of the speakers, their blogs, bios, web sites, watched their videos, etc.

Just the normal prep I’d do in order to be an effective Emcee.

The client has invited me back to do the same this year, which is great, but this story takes a turn upon my introduction of one of the first day speakers, John Ruhlin.


John was the top salesperson at CUTCO (Knives) for years, setting records in the process, which eventually launched his speaking career.

His story is incredible how he parlayed what he’d learned in direct sales into becoming now one of the most sought after corporate speakers in the world, and an expert in his field of sales, networking and leadership.

I recommend you do your research on this man, and especially watch this video, which is one of my favorite stories of all-time about going after what you want and how to make your career dreams happen:


Grateful I did my research, as we made some connections we never would have made had I not dug into his story, including the serendipitous connection of having him introduce his mentor to the stage during the conference after no one realized the connection until I pointed it out to the planners, making for the best moment of the conference.


Fast forward to mid-February of 2019.

I go to the mail and get this HUGE box.

Open it up and there’s the most beautiful presentation for a book I’ve ever seen, along with John’s handwritten card about his admiration for my career, having followed my posts and life the past 6 months now.

It was very heartwarming and incredibly generous.

And then another box with 2 very expensive CUTCO, beautiful knives, inscribed with mine and my wife’s names on the knives.

Nothing about him.

Just us.

CUTCO Knives from John Ruhlin


I can guess this was maybe like a $300 gift box overall.  Maybe more.

But it FELT like more.

What does John care about sending me, another Speaker, an Emcee he met in passing, a bunch of expensive awesome gifts?

I mean, am I going to lead work his way?  Am I his demographic for marketing and selling to?

Probably not.

But also, kind of, maybe…

I mean, I’m now posting this blog to you the reader, and you’ll look him up (probably).

I posted a very gracious thank you on my social media to my 26k followers on FB, and on LinkedIn and Twitter…so that may count for something.

But in reality he’s just doing it because.

Because he knows the importance of making others feel valued, with a unique, tell everyone kind of gifting experience, and I think it’s brilliant.

Many of you readers have sent me kind, thoughtful notes and gifts in the past, and I am honored you would do so.

I know I’ve sent plenty of gifts in my day.

But I know no one is posting about my unique gifting, so this one is quite extraordinary to me.

Guess that’s why he wrote the book on it, which I recommend everyone buy and devour immediately.


Question is: Who are you going to GIFT something extraordinary to today? 



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