Rob Ferre and Jason Hewlett in 2016 when Hewlett received CPAE


Speaker, Entertainer, Emcee & Host Rob Ferre asks:

“What tasks have you outsourced that you don’t do anymore?”


Good question, Rob.

So, I used to outsource pretty much everything.

I’ve outsourced my phone being answered,

My email’s being answered,

My calendar management,


Video work,



Pretty much anything I can outsource, I have tried that.

Truth be known, as of right now, in my career, at the end of 2018, we went through a very interesting, weird, year with bookings.

So what I did, was having outsourced a lot of things such as even helping create my blog and newsletters and sending that out every week, to video creation and other things like that, I actually took it all back in house in order to understand what was happening in that world as to either why it was taking the amount of time it did, why people might not be opening emails and newsletters or watching my videos, not hiring me, and so forth, and learning what people really needed to see when it came to video work for me and I’d learn how to do all those myself.

So, it depends on, first of all, how busy you are, and if you actually need to outsource certain things.

For example, I am not busy enough in the middle of the summer to have to have someone constantly being paid to do something that I can do if I’m okay at doing it.

But if I’m completely awful at it, for example, if I want my website to be done, I do not try to do that myself. I have a guy who’s incredible that helps me with it and his name is Chris Madsen with SquarePixel and I’ve recommended him to many speakers and entertainers and businesses and he has helped so much all of them.

As long as he’s in business, I’ll be utilizing him, so I always outsource my website.

That doesn’t mean he creates the content, rather, he receives what I give him and he makes it look nice and he edits it because I’m very flowery.

So, he’ll always be on board.

And then I have my Controller who does all the financial work.

Because I have a couple of LLCs and S corps set up and there’s no way I can keep up with that as far as the taxes and the ramifications when it comes to accounting and so forth.

His name is Bob Varechok and he has a company called Straight Light Accounting and Consulting. I utilize him on a monthly basis.

However, these are not employees. I have no employees at this point. They are independent contractors and outsource options.

And then there are other people, not to say they are expendable, but at the same time I found that at certain times of year when I’m so busy on the road or doing so much work I can’t do it myself then I’ll hire those types of people that are very good at what they do and better than me, really, but sometimes I just can’t justify paying them because I don’t have the money literally.

For example, people that do sales or that type up contracts and invoices and send the audio-visual needs along. I’ll hire somebody to do that at certain times of the year, however, in 2018 I’ve taken that over myself because I kind of like doing it and it keeps me engaged in the business a lot more than just saying “Oh, someone else is doing it”.

As far as outsourcing, how do we find the people we work with?

I’ve just asked my friends, the people that are probably watching this. You’ve heard from me, I’ve heard from you. We exchange contacts and if you’re interested in some of the people that I’ve hired for various aspects, I’m happy to tell you, and I’ll ask you who you are utilizing, often those in the same circles use the same contractors.

I will tell you one thing about video, however, and I’ve made a few posts about this of recent:

You need to learn how to do your own video.

Not to say you should only do your own video in every aspect of marketing, but you need to learn how to do it: How to do simple edits, how to create it, set it up, because video is king and having to watch yourself for edits makes you realize how good or bad you really are on stage or off.

There are people that are on different levels of video creation. There are people that are great at capturing it, but not great at editing it. There are people that are great at editing it, but not great at capturing it.

And then there are companies that are great at capturing, editing, storytelling, and they are very expensive so, it just depends on who you find, what their niche is.

There are companies that are just starting out and are getting good, there are others that are huge and you’re going to pay a lot of money, so, if you’re making little simple videos like I often do, candids, I suggest you learn how to do it yourself, which I’ve had to learn.

But at the same time, outsource the videos at the right time, and that’ll be another blog in of itself as to who and when you need to outsource, particularly would be for your promo video, sizzle reel, demo reel, as well as capturing great close ups etc.

But make sure not to do video yourself unless you have that skillset.

Take EXTRA Caution when hiring and outsourcing. Always run it by multiple people you trust implicitly.

As my friend Dave Crenshaw says, “Slow to HIRE, Quick to FIRE.”

I’ve found that to be the best route.


Thank you for the question Rob!


Next week we will discuss a question from Clint Pulver who asks:

What props do you use on stage, how do you travel with them, and what travel items do you take on flights with you, or not take, in order to be comfortable while on the road?


~ jason


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