Hangin’ with Keynote Speaker Clint Pulver


Keynote Speaker & Millennial Expert Clint Pulver asks:

What props do you use on stage, how do you travel with them, and what travel items do you take on flights with you, or not take, in order to be comfortable while on the road?


Great questions Clint!



I used to lug around every conceivable prop possible.

I was like CarrotTop having been banished to an island and he couldn’t decide what to leave home.

My act relied on the props.  I was dressing up in full costume of people like Elton John, feathers, glasses, hats, and then – a costume change from 70’s to 90’s Elton!

I’ll never forget dragging, falling, stumbling over cobblestone streets and broken down escalators in Paris, France as my wife and I ran after the underground subway with my larger than life suitcases of props, asking myself, “Why have I done this to myself?  Am I crazy?”

It wasn’t until I had done my act of music and impressions for over a decade, dependent upon every costume, that I checked my bag on the flight as usual from SLC to Las Vegas, and suddenly my beloved, handmade costumes and trusty suitcase were literally gone!

Michael Jackson sequin jacket and glove from Los Angeles ~

Ricky Martin leather jacket from Puerto Rico ~

Tiny Tim ukulele from Hawaii ~

Jim Carrey Subway apron and hat my wife had made!!! ~

Bono & Lady Gaga glasses purchased in Times Square ~

Even a FELT MOLE I made from Hobby Lobby for Enrique Iglesias ~

Gone, gone, gone!

Thousand dollar costumes handmade from Europe of Elton John, Buddy Holly and Neil Diamond.

It was awful.

Racing through Walmart at midnight I scoured the old ladies section in search of anything I could use as a stage costume and prop!

And then it hit me: YOU DON’T NEED THEM.

The next night I braved the stage without more than a pair of glasses and one white glove.

The crowd still loved the show.



Maybe I really don’t need PROPS! 


From 2 checked bags, overstuffed, in oversized suitcases, down to one Ziploc plastic bag in a carry-on, my life transformed the minute I stopped believing I needed the props to be successful, and only took what was necessary.

Now my props are as follows:

  • Glasses that can be used for Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, a policeman, and for a CEO to come up on stage and dance with me.
  • White handkerchief for Louie Armstrong
  • Sequin glove for MJ

All in a carryon bag which serves all needs.  Amazing.



Pare down the props and only take what is most necessary.



My philosophy on items to take on flights is as follows –

Take as little as possible even if an inconvenience, DO NOT check a bag, because checked luggage is lost luggage!

Perhaps I should do a video on how I can actually pack 2 video cameras, 2 stands, all of my props, all electronics, a performance suit, shirt, tie, dress shoes, toiletries, work out clothes, and changes of clothing to last me over a week.

My clothes are the same.  If you’ve seen videos of me at airports you’ll notice it’s the same shirt, jacket, pants always.  Find what works for you, but I recommend comfy that can quickly double as business.

On all flights I wear a long sleeve button down shirt, jeans, Utah Jazz jacket, and could walk right on stage in that outfit, go to a business dinner, and be fine in hot, cold, any weather, any temp on the plane.

In my bag all outfits are interchangeable, blues, grays and blacks, and are all Merino Wool to never stink!

Also I bring extra cords and connections for my laptop, iPad, iPod, and extra iPhones just in case I lose something.

The multiple video cameras and stands are bulky but allow me to record everything as I have instructed and suggested you do in past blog posts.



Find the clothing that works for you, stick to it, never overpack, and always bring more things you need on stage than off stage needs, as you can wear most of off stage!


Next week we will discuss a question from Sydne Jacques who asks:

What are your tips for making a good speaker reel? 


~ jason


Jason Hewlett, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, is a Keynote Speaker for the largest corporate events in the world. His primary message, The Promise, is essential for Leadership, Management, Sales, Marketing, Direct-Sales Companies, and is a combination of engagement and entertainment meets inspiration. Jason has even received standing ovations from IT guys. He has been acknowledged as life-changing by Conference Attendees, C-Level Executives and Hollywood Elite. jasonhewlett.com


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  1. A hearty AMEN to paring down what you pack. I switched to one carry-on bag a few years ago and realized how much I do not need all of that stuff I used to schlep around. Love your contribution to the positive energy of the planet my friend!

  2. Rob Ferre

    I do assemblies with props but there are times I forget to bring them and I realized also “I don’t need my props.” They are effective but at time unnecessary. I’ve never seen your show live with all the props. When I have seen your show with the minimal amount of props it’s still effective. The audience doesn’t know what they are missing. When do you think you lost your prop suitcase?

    • Jason Hewlett

      Yeah, it’s only when we don’t have them how much we realize they are needed or not. Lost the bag in 2013. A wonderful problem.

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