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This is the life of a speaker.  Buckle up, this one’s ugly.


For the past 2 weeks my Jeep has sat in the garage, untouched, unmoved, as I have literally locked myself in my office pulling 18-20 hour work days.

Throw in 2 all-nighters in 6 nights.

My wife keeps asking me to shower at least every few days.  At least when I film myself!

This is the life of the worker, the solo ship trying to figure out what on earth happened.

This is not healthy but I am doing what has to be done.

You see, my bookings are down…not just summer season down, like career altering down.

This is all my fault.

You can probably tell by these realtime posts that I’m going through some stuff, although I still have friends texting me saying they love watching how much I’m killing it because of social media.

That’s what social media is – we create whatever we want out of it!  Glad I look busy!  I am!  I have 10 freebies in August, no paid gigs.

Thank you social media for making me look like I’m the king.

Seals & Crofts said it best, “I’m still the King of Nothing…” 



Here’s what I’ve done in the past 3 weeks to get things moving again after a huge down 2nd & 3rd quarter:


  1. Learn How to Shoot & Edit Video


That’s it.

I have Googled, YouTube’d, taken tutorials, watched other speaker videos, invested time, energy, strength, stamina, everything I have to learn this new skill.

I have consulted with those I admire who do video well, purchased the same equipment, software, and then have gone to work.

I am currently shooting video of myself up to 3 hours per day.  Here’s my set up from yesterday.



Now back to the office and computer, Dropbox and Hard Drives on every side, sifting through conference and event footage I’ve never seen or used before, watching myself and how much I need to improve when I get another chance on stage.  For 10 hours straight!

Cutting, chopping, analyzing, merging, testing….

Sending to peers to check first.

Forwarding to my team to hear the truth.

Not good enough?  Set up lights, camera, shower, new shirt, different location, script, iPad, film again, hide the dog so you can’t hear the barking, send my kids to Cowabunga Bay so the house is quiet – LIGHTS!  CAMERA!  ACTION!

Load into the computer, check sound, wording, do I look like I know what I’m talking about, is the energy there, should I shave my neck or pluck my unibrow?  Sure, why not.  Haven’t slept in 36 hours – I can do this.

Re-shoot, work, push, try, beg, borrow, steal – watch other’s videos, try to imitate without stealing literally – and then loading into editing bay, chopping, trimming, adding music, clips I’ve found from past videos, etc etc etc.



If you follow me on any social media platform – YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – you will notice I have made a huge shift.

You now see video flowing out of my office.

I am creating all of it – solo.  That is the equivalent to someone never touching a piano and suddenly doing public piano shows for everyone to see.

I’m not great at it yet, but have now taken back my marketing and upped my game.

This is beyond a hustle, this is learning a life skill that is currently the most important thing I could work on.

Why?  Why should we know how to do video for ourselves and not just hand it to an editor or rely on a video person?

  • Have you ever watched yourself on video so closely that you now know why you can’t use the video?
  • Have you seen the time limits on the attention of those scrolling your feed?  Think of your scrolling habits.  We have less than one second to capture attention – how are your videos doing that?
  • How much do you care about your career?  More than anyone.  That’s how it always is and always will be.  You’d better take control of what’s going out about you.
  • When was the last time you handed footage over to an editor and said, “Just use what’s best…I think there’s a good part in the first story when I say something really well…”.  If you have, then YOU’RE A FOOL, and I welcome you to my CLUB OF IDIOTS, because that’s what I’ve been doing for a decade!  If I could kick myself I’d Bruce Lee my own freaking face.   No knock on those video guys, because they chose what was best for me from the way they saw it, but my friend, NO ONE sees it like you do – you need to be in control of this!
  • Want to be in realtime control?  Do you get footage from the event you did last week?  Give it to an editor and get the right product and you’re on some other planet – send them my way – holy heck.  Truth is, I know when I said everything right and well in that speech, I know what needs to be edited and can crank and work all night to have it rolling out by morning.  On all platforms.  Updated even on my web site!  Who does that?  Not even the top of the top.  Show me anyone that is doing that in realtime, I haven’t found one person that is.


If I sound like a person who has seen the light and is shouting from the rooftops then that’s true.

If I sound like you don’t need a video guy then you’ve got me all wrong – if you have found someone that helps you, collaborates and doesn’t demean or tie your hands waiting, if you’ve found someone that sees your vision and can pull it out of you, if you’ve discovered the unicorn that will do what you need without you saying a word, then you are blessed my child.  Never let them go and put them on retainer for life.

But if you are reading this, and following my social media, and if you can see a shift then it is true, that it is in the learning of a skill that is not only important but career-important.

Honestly, I’m not going to be making my own sizzle reel / demo video / promo vid.  However, I will be telling the story, chopping the audience laughs, standing ovations, best bits, routines, pieces, segues, points, and principles, and I will be sitting with that video editor when we make our next demo.

In the past what did I do?  (Dumb & Dumber face)  “You got this man!”  (Thumbs Up with teeth poking out of lip)


Here are a few examples of what I’ve done – not perfect, but not bad…





Question is: What are doing about learning video, because if not yet, well then why not?  


I need to say Thank You to a few people.

  • Mike Rayburn – When I reached out to him to ask about his web site he gave me invaluable time and information, insights to shift things.  We are talking game-changing thoughts, suggestions, and instruction.
  • Stuart Edge – He literally came to my house and fired up Instagram for me, got everything in place so I can use it.  This is a guy with millions of YouTube followers and thousands of likes on every Insta post.  Unreal his kindness.
  • Tiffany Peterson – The only lunch meeting I’ve taken in 4 weeks, and the perfect person to inspire me face-to-face that I have to get out of the mire and back on fire.  So grateful for her mentoring.
  • Clint Pulver – This guy is killing it, watch him go, folks.  And when I reach out for help he is there.  So grateful for the leads, recommendations to his friends to sign up for my online course, and efforts to help.
  • Chris Madsen – My ever faithful web designer, creative collaborator, push the envelope, prompt, quick, realtime changer, explore every medium, hang in there with me through thick and thin, unicorn.  He’s a unicorn.  He’s on retainer.  There’s a reason so many of my friends use his genius.


~ jason


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