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The other day I landed in Vermont for my first event ever in that State.

I looked around as the rain poured down, and I had to laugh, as my wife was so excited to see my photos of the leaves turning colors and I was there at the perfect time of year.

Everywhere I looked was absolutely stunning…and absolutely green.

Not a dead, nor dying, autumn leaf in the entire State.  In fact, I drove up and down the interstate for over 2 hours looking for one yellow, red, or even brown leaf.

Nothing.  Just green everywhere.

Now, this could be the end of this experience, or it could be the perfect way to open my Keynote the next day in front of 300 people from Vermont.

Question is: Would you have the guts to do what I did, a BRAND NEW BIT, instead of doing what you know already works?

You have bits, routines, stories, examples you’ve used over and over in your presentations, and they keep you working for an entire career potentially, but are you willing to walk the tightrope that is customization?

If you are, your career will not only always be exciting for you, but your audience will realize you are different and you are great. 

That morning, armed with a slide deck of photos, I bravely began my powerpoint… and subsequently killed the room with laughs about my expectations of where we were and the fact that the leaves were green.

It isn’t hilarious to read about here, but to them it was surprising, fresh, and funny because it was customized – about them.

Look around at your next event.  Funny centerpieces on the tables?  Weird looking lanyards?  Had a hard time opening the soap in the room?  Use whatever you can, wherever you can, to connect with the audience in a customizable way.

They will love you forever.

Here’s a routine I did recently, in between the bits that work, that got some of the biggest laughs of the night.  I may never do this routine again, but it was magical for that group that evening.  Now it’s a nice post on social media:



~ jason


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