Ryan Hamilton with Tami & Jason Hewlett

Driving to Ryan Hamilton’s sold out show last Friday, I reflected on our history, having worked together at the beginning of our career at Johnny B’s Comedy Club in Provo, UT, where he, of all people, opened for me….and now seeing him becoming a household name, selling out 4 straight nights at the largest comedy club in Utah, Wiseguys in SLC.

Fresh off the release of his crazy funny – and CLEAN! – Netflix Special “Happy Face”, I said to my wife, “I wonder how much of his special he’ll do tonight and what he might have that’s new.”

In reality he stood on that stage and just asked questions of the audience and completely manhandled the crowd. He used maybe 10 minutes worth of material we’d heard before, which was awesome to hear, some of his greatest hits, and all the rest was improv, banter, and turning any little thing from someone holding in a sneeze or explaining their job of elevating learning in education into full blown scream funny routines.

It was like watching a genius compose music while you’re in the audience.  I heard from friends and other performers who came away from his shows this past weekend completely baffled – How can someone stand on stage and not have anything ready and just talk to the audience and make it funnier than anything you’ve ever seen?  I mean, it takes me one year to create one solitary one-minute bit!  How is it possible what I’m watching?  This was the consensus from seasoned pros shaking their heads leaving the show. 

Yet to Ryan Hamilton, this was just another night on stage.  The man has a gift, no doubt, but it has been honed, crafted, sculpted, through consistency, nights on stages in every city and every state, sleeping in sleezy motels, hearing C.O.P.S., “Bad Boys Bad Boys watcha gonna do watcha gonna do when they come for you” filmed live next door, for nearly 2 decades now.  So the work he has put in, the travel, the commitment, the hours in front of a crowd, mixed with his Signature Move brilliance, makes the only word you can use to describe him: GENIUS. 

You’ve seen Genius before.  It’s Michael Jackson’s moonwalk, Michael Jordan hitting a game-winner, Michael Phelps breaking Olympic records.  Pretty much anyone named Michael.  Ok, that’s not true, but you get what I’m saying.  You’ve seen genius.  But when you see it LIVE and realize what it is, it is unforgettable, moving, can be disturbing when you start comparing yourself, but definitely life-changing.

Ryan is a master of his craft. I almost got thrown out for laughing so loud and hard.

Congratulations Ryan, your success makes us so happy for you and no one is more deserving. 


The Ridiculously Long Line Up Following Ryan’s Show


~ jason


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