Village People CPAE 2017


Last week, my fellow speakers and I pulled off a surprise Village People remake of YMCA/ CPAE for the CPAE Hall of Fame banquet at the NSA National Speakers Association Influence Conference.

My friend, Eric Chester, contacted me back in October with the idea, as he would host the banquet.  We kept it a secret for 8 months.  Invited only other CPAE Hall of Fame Speakers to participate, and had one rehearsal the day of the event.

It took me about a month to get the tracks and record background vocals, and then another few weeks to figure out how to teach everyone the dance moves, and then recorded it on a private page on Vimeo.

Backstage I shaved my beard off in the darkness, with the light of my iPhone assisting, as I carved the gross stache for the 3 min. performance (and promptly shaved it clean off once back in my room).

Each performer was incredible, detailed, went above and beyond to customize their part.  It was amazing to be a part of.

The Performers:
Ron Culberson as Army guy
Mike Rayburn as Cowboy
John Sileo as Indian
Me as Biker 
Eric Chester as Construction Worker, and Emcee of the event, and mastermind behind the whole idea.
Willie Jolly as Cop lead singer 

Bill Stainton wrote the now legendary words. 

Rochelle Rice did the fine tuning on the dance moves.  

It was a night to remember.


It was totally customized for one performance, one shot, one night only.  It landed huge.

How do you prep for the customization of the events you are performing for?


Enjoy the video and photos.

Special Thanks to Phil Gerbyshak for capturing this moment!



Nasty Stache….shaved my beard off just for this one performance. Totally worth it.


~ jason


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