Video Shoot with Luminary Productions, pictured here Craig and Cole, amazing guys


One of the most painful experiences for me has been filming video footage for the promotion of my speaking and performing.  Capture footage of me on stage?  No problem.  But stick a camera in my face and ask me what I want to say, and I freeze up so painfully you may not believe it.

I don’t know if you can relate.

I have devoted to making a new promotional video annually.  Bring the Pain!!!  And I have worked with some wonderful companies and individuals, whom I still recommend for certain aspects and shoots, since they have helped me and been great to work with (if you want names just ask, they are wonderful).

But I finally found the film and video production company you need to work with for your upcoming remake of your video.  Yes, they are getting a good deal of money for their work, actually more than I ever thought I’d pay for a video.

Yet the experience of the reality outweighed the commercial.  I heard they were good to work with, but had no idea it would be a transformational experience that just may have moved me from fear of the camera to realizing I can do it.

Their preparation was extraordinary.  They watched three, four, sometimes 5 full-length 60 minute videos of me doing my presentation, in order to both know the material as well as to use the best parts which tell and sell the story.

They read every blog post I’ve ever written.  They found articles written about me over a decade ago in order to know all they could about me, just to grasp where I’ve been, where I’m coming from, and how they can tell the story.

We had conference calls, creation of scripting with a professional video script writer, and we strategized everything about their visit.

They arrived in Utah on Monday, Aug. 14, flying in from Los Angeles and Kansas City, and we visited the locations I had secured for filming, so they could make sure we spent our time wisely the next day of filming.  I dropped them off at 4 PM at their hotel, and they were still up at midnight texting me asking questions in the midst of their planning and strategizing for the shoot.  Wow.

Tuesday, Aug. 15, we started at 7:30 AM and ended at 7:30 PM, filming on location in multiple places, them directing the people we had helping us out, and were constantly positioning to make things more concise and easier for me.  (A HUGE shout-out and thanks to my incredible clients MACU and Corporate Alliance for allowing us to use their beautiful offices!)

As we did the delivery of essential lines, I was terrified at the thought, yet they did it in a Q&A style making me feel comfortable, reassuring me with each line, nodding their heads and smiling to give me energy to feel better about what I was saying.  It was the opposite of any experience I’ve ever had.

Watch some of their Speaker Promos HERE.

I won’t have the video for about 2 months.  They have a ton of editing to do.  But I’m here to tell you, if you want the best promotional video creation of your speaking and performing life, I want you to know about Luminary Productions.  The company was co-founded by master presenter and speaker Vinh Giang and the team of Brock, Cole, and the video genius of Craig, was the most professional team I’ve ever worked with.  I hope you’ll consider utilizing them when you’re ready.



~ jason


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