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Throughout November we are deep diving into how to make your career on stage happen, because on Wednesday, November 15, I will be presenting the course in it’s condensed entirety to the NSA Mountain West Chapter in SLC, UT if you would like to join us click HERE.

We offer a full course online that gives much more detail than I will here, however, here’s a taste of what you can get with the course and summary of some of the essential points.  Answer these questions for yourself to determine what needs improvement.

First week we discussed –

Module 1: Mindset 

Last week’s lesson –

Module 2: Message


This week’s lesson –

Module 3: Audience

A. Target Audience & Not a Target AudienceWho do I want to perform/speak for?  Most importantly what groups do you NOT want to be in front of? 

Ask yourself and write down what type of events you want to do, such as public shows that sell out large theaters, cruise ships, or high-end media events.  Equally write out what you really don’t want to do, such as birthday parties, fairs, or corporate events.  This will help you understand the type of audience you want to be in front of, as well as helps you narrow down who you should market your services to.

B. Determine Your Current Quadrant and Future QuadrantWhere do you currently see yourself?  Be honest.  Where do you want your career to go? 

This is not necessarily a set-in-stone, across the board, true for everyone pricing guide, but in general, from my experience, herein lies much truth whether it’s comfortable or not.  When I began my career I did any and every event, from funeral homes and beauty pageants that paid nothing, to an occasional school that had a few hundred bucks.  Once I let go of these lower fee type opportunities is when I was able to move up to eventually where I am today.  Same for you.  Where do you think you are in Quadrants 1-4?

What do all the arrows mean?  

You can go from Q1 to Q2, same with Q2 to Q3, Q3 to Q4, but it is very rare to skip a level, such as Q1 to Q4 (although it can happen with a successful “America’s Got Talent” performance”).  Once you are in Q4 and become a celebrity, you will be inundated with requests to return to all quadrants but especially Q1, where everyone needs everything for free to low fee, which means you must protect yourself and brand, only doing select events for groups you truly care for.

C. Mimic MastersWho are the performers and speakers you desire to emulate?  Not copy, rather to see the pattern they took in their career and how can you do what they did to get to your desired level?  

Go to the Quadrant you are in, and begin looking up your competition.  Perhaps you already know who you want to be like within the same Quadrant.  Look at their web site, watch their videos, see how they work with the client on a professionalism level.  How close are you to being at their level?

Now, go to the Quadrant you want to end up in.  Do the same research of those you admire and see how you can get there as well.

For example, for years I wanted to be the next Danny Gans in Las Vegas, an amazing impressionist and entertainer.  I dressed like him, did my bits like him, didn’t steal his material but did my own spin on it, and eventually was being courted by the very people who had brought him to Las Vegas.  Once that opportunity didn’t pan out, after another near decade of performing worldwide, I set different aspirations and went into speaking.  The Masters of my craft are Jeanne Robertson, Mark Scharenbroich, Connie Podesta, Daniel Burrus, and many others.  They are now my friends and are teaching me how they’ve done it!  

D. Low Hanging FruitAre you just starting out your career?  If so, who are you associated with in say the education sector that could help you get a gig?  Perhaps you know the PTA president, or your kid’s school has need of someone to come in and speak to the kids about your topic?  This is called low hanging fruit.  They are opportunities right in front of you that you may not even notice. 

More examples include:

  • Your Church group
  • Your Kid’s or Grandkid’s Sports Teams
  • A local fund raiser for someone in your neighborhood
  • Community you live in, perhaps you create an event?
  • Go to speaker’s events, invest the money, learn from them, and then watch as they begin to refer you, too.

Determine the low hanging fruit opportunities, and it may mean you’re speaking for free for the first while.  That’s a very common thing.  Once you become so busy and in demand, then people will begin paying you.

E. Pie in the SkyWhat are the gigs and events you dream about being a part of?  We are talking the most unlikely, pie in the sky, type opportunities you can image would be awesome for you.  

For example, when I began my career I wanted:

  1. A Las Vegas Showroom
  2. To be known on TV and in Movies
  3. To be the Go-To person for the largest events in the corporate industry
  4. To be trusted to speak to youth, in religious and education opportunities

As you can see, if you know my career, not all of these came to pass, but a few have!  Now you must write it out, let the universe know your intention, and then work to that.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this crash course and would love to have you join us on November 15 at NSAMW where I will be presenting all of this in much greater detail.

~ jason


Jason Hewlett, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, is a Keynote Speaker for the largest corporate events in the world. His primary message, The Promise, is essential for Leadership, Management, Sales, Marketing, Direct-Sales Companies, and is a combination of engagement and entertainment meets inspiration. Jason has even received standing ovations from IT guys. He has been acknowledged as life-changing by Conference Attendees, C-Level Executives and Hollywood Elite. jasonhewlett.com


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